Life insurance for protection plans have got you covered, from minor to major incidents, including accidental death.

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Yearly Renewable Term
and React5

For as little as Php700/month, you can be secure with a life protection coverage that can adapt as your needs change.

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Manulife Horizons

Manulife Horizons is an affordable investment-linked life insurance plan that gives you life protection coverage, and lets you grow your money at same time. 

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Seasons 100

Enjoy peace of mind with lifetime protection coverage and other benefits.

Protect and secure yourself and your family until you reach 100.

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Manulife FutureBoost

An affordable life insurance plan with investments, designed to hustle with you and reward you with bonuses so you can secure every stage of your life.

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Life Basix

Enjoy the flexibility of having both protection and investment in one product. 

 Secure your family from loss of your income when you suddenly pass away. At the same time grow your funds.

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MyLifeChoice Retirement

A protection and investment plan where you set aside your hard-earned funds as savings towards pursuing your passions even beyond retirement

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Flexi Protect

A value-for-money, 5-year protection product that provides substantial coverage. This means that their daily living expenses, utility bills, children’s education, as well as unpaid home and car loans are covered so they won’t have to make big sacrifices when you are gone.

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My Life Choice

A protection and investment plan designed to protect your family’s future

Avail of an insurance coverage equivalent to at least 20 times the amount you pay annually, all while you invest and grow your funds

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