Get ahead with the expertise you need to make smarter decisions.

What We Do

Our global team connects clients to powerful insights from our network of approximately 1 million experts and recruits hundreds of new experts every day.

Get the Insight You need

Gi Direct

Gi Direct connects our clients with Network Members for a phone or video call so they can gain the insight they need to inform their business decisions.

Gi Research

Gi Research provides quantitative and qualitative insights. Gi Surveys assembles target populations, while Gi Qualitative convenes focus groups, workshops, and discussion panels. Gi Integrated Insights offers market assessments, competitive analyses, and voice-of-customer studies.

Gi Syndicated

Gi Syndicated Insights unlocks the Gi Library, tens of thousands of archived transcripts, reports, syndicated surveys, webcasts, and invitations to in-person or remote Gi Events.